Append valuable accounts

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Append valuable accounts

Append Valable Accounts is a Service offered by eContactWorld.

MedLab is a medical testing laboratory service centre that offers a complete range of tests for diagnosis, screening, or evaluation of diseases and health conditions.

Certified under the federal government’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and operate in compliance with all governmental regulations. 

Team of pathologists, bio-analysts, microbiologists, and general clinical laboratory scientists develop medicines for various ailments & distribute it to worldwide pharmaceutical companies & distributors

MedLab constantly has failed in updating the existing vendor’s contact details due to various reasons.

This is where “Data Scientist” from eContactWorld helps MedLab add/append missing fields of contact information to up to date, valid & verified Decision-makers contact details.


eContactWorld Appended List Consisted contains:

Data Fields: Company Name, Website, Contact Name, Title, Verified opt-in Email address, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Fax number, Industry, Sic Code, Revenue, Number of employees, etc.

All the contacts we delivered to MedLab was appened & verified before delivery via SMTP verification and telephone. This also means we guarantee 100% accuracy of our databases.

We had cross-referenced with LinkedIn to make everything we provide is accurate.

With the help of eContactworld’s updated Email & Direct mailing list MedLabs can deliver their Medicines worldwide without any delays & lags & keeping its promise to its customers.

Medlab is happy with eContactWorld’s append valable  accounts services.

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