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Data Management


Data Management


B2B Append Data service matches contact information of business prospects from various industries and allows you to connect with them straight away.

At eContactWorld we have a unique approach and a cutting edge technology to append your in house file within a short period and with the highest quality checkpoints.

First we analyze your in house file and segregate the data to ensure it is easy to append the file.

Post that we will remove all invalid contacts from your file and match your file with our master file databank and fetch the most up-to-date contact information of your clients.

Our proprietary methodology appending / matching process can automatically match huge numbers of information and locate the right business information for you. With valid and resourceful information, your marketing professionals can reach the desired audience type selected by various factors such as job title, geography, revenue size, and various other important data fields for your multi-channel marketing initiatives.

Email Append

Most organizations prefer to avail append solutions to enhance customer information. The reliable information acquired through appending is used to capitalize on customer acquisition. A business organization would want to switch to email marketing and therefore subscribes to the services of a list vendor that has a database of email addresses to cut cost on market research.


A good database of your customers and prospects is always handy for the sales and marketing team. Most of the Companies have an in-house database with missing email addresses which is one the vital information for web communication. Using our email appending services we can append email addresses of your business customers to your existing database.

We help you to contact your prospects by providing their accurate and updated email contact information. We offer email appending services for almost all business verticals.

We guarantee 50 to 85 % B2B append rates with verified email addresses and high email deliverability. This will result in reduced marketing costs and improve communication with your customers regularly.


Reach over 60 million customers via email by using our B2C master database. Using our email appending services we can append email addresses to your existing database. We guarantee 35% to 70% B2C append rates with verified email addresses and high email deliverability. This helps you reduce marketing expenditure, improve lead generation, and obtain immediate results.


Running a data append test will make it possible to save a lot of time on market research by capturing and analyzing customer database. Our systematic data append test team can help you to analyze your database accuracy and this will assist companies to speed up their marketing strategies.



Enhancing customer information and maintaining it around the year is no joke. Timely use of your in-house data is crucial to the development of new sales targets, much before your competitor takes over. This will help you deliver the right content to the right prospects at the right time. It is for this reason companies resort to the immediate data enhancements from data append providers to move a step ahead of your competitors.


Telephone contacts are the most important medium for telemarketing companies who are very particular in reaching out to the right point of contact.

Several companies make use of the telephone as their main tool for communication with their clients. Our huge database comes with accurate telephone numbers which facilitate us to append telephone numbers to any industry vertical.

We assure 90% accuracy on the telephone appending which is this best in the industry.


You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, portals, and click-throughs but don’t have a full name & postal information, Add data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects by using our full-fledged reverse appending service.

Our reverse email appending system will use this unique e-mail address to match to your e-mail addresses in our master database of opt-in consumers, when an e-mail address match, we return to the customer a file containing the contact names, company names, phone numbers, fax numbers, postal addresses, job titles, email addresses of the individual at the given e-mail address.


Mailing address append can not only complete your customer contact database but also get you as many leads as never before. You have built a great database with business records but some of these records do not have the mailing address. Our mailing address appending solutions will help you reach your marketing material at their doorstep.


eContactWorld has been in Data analytics since the day we started this organization. We use the latest methodologies to segregate the raw data into usable data. We have the science and knowledge

Examining raw data to conclude that information.
We have a different approach with different Industries to ensure it is utilized to the optimum level of marketing-driven options.

We use Data analytics in many ways to allow companies and organizations to make better business decisions and in the marketing initiatives and Business Development Activities.


At eContactWorld we have derived the most important key factors which revolve around Data Intelligence.

  • RAW Data Compilation
  • RAW Data Migration
  • Data Modeling & Analysis
  • DATA Evaluation / Data Development
  • DATA Enhancement

Once we have the raw data from our reliable sources, we Data Scientists work on the raw data to segregate to remove invalid data and streamline the data which will be tested and which can be migrated to any platform.

Once the data is segmented we ensure to process the data to ensure it is ready to use for any testing and analysis process, this process will help us remove the grey areas and replace it with the required details to ensure our marketing efforts have some outcome with the valid outcome.

Once we have all the required details put in one place, we ensure to deploy a ping test to the email ID’s to ensure the servers are being active and crosscheck the details of the rest of the data fields.


At eContactWorld we put ourselves to test our ability in this validation process and we are confident and happy that we are excellent at it.

eContactWorld has analyzed the following are a few important factors that need to be considered for Data verifications.

SMTP Checks- We do an SMTP ping test to ensure servers are valid.

Email ID Validation checks- We check the validation of the email IDs by deploying Opt Out Campaign.

Active Email ID Check- We review the activity of the email ID’s which is active or just an email ID?


Data appending not only updates your records and keeps the stale data away but also helps organize your data in a manner that is beneficial and easy to use. Through data appending you can create and run targeted campaigns with guaranteed leads and sales conversions.

  • Real-time data validation to improve deliverability
  • Quality data for multi-channel communication
  • Improve open rates and re-engage customers
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Increase engagement and conversions
  • Easy workflow management
  • Highly responsive B2B Contact & Company Data
  • Expert Lead Generation, Nurturing & Management
  • Intuitive Business Intelligence for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Better Operational Efficiency with Effective Marketing Automation
  • Strong CRM Integrated Customer Service
  • On-time Product & Service Delivery