Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Email Marketing Automation

eContactWorld’s Automated Drip Campaigner helps you Engage, Qualify, Follow up and Convert more Leads through an omnichannel platform.

  1. Email Create a custom email sequence with an easy-to-use drag-&-drop campaign editor. 
  2. SMS Send text messages globally and engage with customers from pre-built SMS sequence template. 
  3. WhatsApp Get your business on Whatsapp for real-time conversations with rich media. 
  4. Voice IVR, Click-to-Call, call forwarding, and more. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a platform for saving time, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

eContactWorld helps online businesses, marketing & sales teams automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, email marketing, lead nurturing, ad campaigns, etc. It gives them immense power to create a more personalized experience for your audience across all their digital platforms and channels.

Our software is an open, flexible, and versatile tool and is built with keeping modern marketers in mind. 

#1 Software having The Best Marketing Automation Features,

  1. Lead generation and contact scoring
  2. Campaign Building
  3. Contact segmentation
  4. Focus items
  5. Email builder
  6. Page builder
  7. Lead nurturing
  8. A/B testing
  9. User activity tracking
  10. Dynamic content for personalization
  11. Customer retention
  12. Schedule campaign based on the time zone
  13. Saves time
  14. Works even when you sleep

Lead Generation And Contact Scoring

Lead generation is one of the most important jobs for every business. If you don’t have leads, who would you target or persuade to buy your product?

Here, eContactWorld’s lead generation and contact scoring features come into play.

We can use eContactWorld Automation forms, focus items, and tracking scripts for lead generation and assign scores on behalf of their behavior and activities on the website like page visits, read an email, open an email, etc.

Once you analyze and assign scores to the leads, you can segregate them into different segments.

Lead scoring helps you generate more targeting and personalized and relevant content that the customers can relate to. And 78% of U.S. consumers say that personally, relevant content boosts their purchase intent.

Drip Marketing Campaign

So let’s talk next about drip marketing campaigns. The whole idea behind a drip-email campaign is that you’re going to be sending targeted emails to specific lists automatically on some kind of predefined schedules. There are two forms of campaigns, the first is a time-based dripflow campaign, and the second is a user-driven dripflow campaign. Obviously, you can do a mix of the two campaign styles or hybrid campaign quite easily. What do these campaigns look like?

Example: Let’s say someone comes to your website they have browsed around a couple of different sections, and then they fill out a form on the landing page in order to receive a white paper about a specific product. Now you know first of all what pages they visited, the product of their interested in, and the resources they’ve downloaded. In your marketing automation tool you may set up a list for everyone who might fill out that form.

You can now define specific campaigns to send those leads on that list. Targeted emails on a predefined schedule. You may send them an email directly after they download the asset, or you may choose to wait a week (or longer).

Campaign Building

The best thing about eContactWorld Automation is its campaign builder. It allows you to create campaigns or workflows with several decisions, conditions, and actions. And all of these workflows are so well displayed and easily understandable that no one faces an issue while understanding the working of the campaign.

You can simply use the drag and drop feature, select and add conditions, actions, and decisions and give them a suitable name.

For example, you are creating a campaign for abandoned cart recovery.

You can add an action of sending an email reminder to cart abandoners. Then you can add a condition like if they open the email, check if they’re eligible for a coupon code. If yes, send an email with the coupon code after a few days. The created campaign looks something like this in the eContactWorld CRM.

Email Builder

Emails are still the most preferable type of communication method when it comes to business. They’re used to nurture your leads, bring back the users to complete the purchase, update the readers about your newly published articles.

You should know that the open rate of emails in January 2020 was 41.85% with an 8.1% click-through rate.

Assume if 42 out of 100 people are opening and reading your emails, how many of them would buy your product. But this will happen if your emails and the content inside them is well-written & designed.

This is where the eContactWorld’s email building feature comes into handy. It provides you several different email templates you can use for your campaigns.

With these templates, you can write dynamic content that can be changed as per the needs. This feature makes it very simple to build attractive and elegant emails. You just need to use the drag and drop feature to create emails that attract users, drive conversions and grow your email list.

A/B Testing

You have enough time to test your marketing strategy, sales pitch, and emails, to make sure they perform well.

eContactWorld helps you figure out the best online promotional and automated marketing strategies for your business. eContactWorld has a built-in A/B testing feature for both emails and landing pages.

You can use eContactWorld’s A/B testing to assess which one out of two automated marketing campaigns is more effective in terms of CTR or conversion rates in pages.

In an A/B test, you can set up two variations of the single campaign and send them to that a part of your total recipients.

Decision Tree Workflows

A decision tree means that if they opened the email your system is going to take a specific action, and if they don’t open the email you take a different action. That’s just one example! You can have decision trees based on links within emails, assets that they’ve downloaded, or a variety of other tasks that the user might perform. Perhaps if they don’t open the email you wait 30 days and then send them another email just as a gentle reminder. The whole idea of drip flow campaigns and decision trees is to nurture your leads along a specific path.

You nurture these leads along the path by assigning points to all of the activities they take. This means you can assign a point value if they visit a certain page, fill out a lead form, download a resource, or open an email. And these are just a few examples of ways in which you can assign points to your leads. The whole concept is designed to help create a value associated with each of your leads. So as your leads earn more points they become a more valuable lead. Eventually at a point total that you define that lead can be automatically moved into your CRM.

eContactWorld Boosts Client Retention

Direct marketing reports say a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25% and 95%? Moreover, customer retention also plays a significant role in driving retail revenue.

And here’s how eContactWorld can give a boost to customer retention?

It employs triggered messaging which is a perfect way to suggest testimonials, ask for product reviews, feedback, and send referrals, rewards, and incentives. This engages customers and increases the chances of retaining them.

Moreover, it uses post-sale customer nurturing that offers cross-sells and upsells, sends targeted and personalized messages to your customers, and monitors their behavior.

Every marketer wants leads and new customers and puts all of their efforts into nurturing them. But, they forget to nourish their existing customers and lose a big part of their sales. Consequently, it is a well-known fact that customer retention is highly valuable to your business.

 eContactWorld liberate and enable teams to acquire, nurture, close and retain sales qualified leads(SQLs)


Marketing Automation is a platform for saving time, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

eContactWorld helps online businesses, marketing & sales teams automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, email marketing, lead nurturing, ad campaigns, etc. It gives them immense power to create a more personalized experience for your audience across all their digital platforms and channels.

Besides sending automated emails, we should nurture potential customers across multiple channels. With automated workflow, you can also set reminders within campaigns to create notifications to reach out via phone or to send a piece of mail when appropriate.

The number of emails you send largely depends on what you’re offering to your customers, their behavior, and most important their specific needs. For example: If you’re selling Heat Blower, you would be sending more emails in the winters than in summers. But if you are running a software company, then you will be sending emails on every update irrespective of the climate factor.

There is no right answer for how often you should email. Each company will have a unique email frequency that works for them.

Email Frequency is nothing but the right timing for sending the Email to your Target Audience with respect to their behavior, their need, and the nature of their business.

You know the need of reaching out to the people but, you should make sure they are not feeling bored with your emails if the customers are varying, so emails do.

People hate receiving promotional emails, newsletters unless they have a subscription to a service. But still going, However, one major factor that impacts how someone feels about receiving an email is the timing, Email Frequency.

Increasing Information abundance and attention scarcity – and the pace of information creation is accelerating.

According to the 2015 National Client Email report by the DMA, the following chart covers the Email frequency for 2014 among marketers from various company types and sizes as well as geographic locations. The research was done by DMA (Direct Mail Association) shows:

  • 19% of marketers send a maximum of one message per month
  • 35% of marketers send 2 to 3 emails per month
  • 21% of marketers send 4 to 5 emails per month
  • 9% of marketers send 6 to 8 emails per month

Based on the aforementioned figures, the majority of marketers (54 percent) send out 1-3 emails a month. This report emphasizes how Email frequency play important role in email marketing strategy.

Finally, make sure to set your email frequency right.